Sociable scholarship

My university ran a symposium for staff on 21st century scholarship, to which my lovely friend Cat Pausé and I contributed a poster.

Can’t read it? That’s because it’s a flat two dimensional representation of our ideas. But because we both blog and tumbl and tweet, we’ve set it up as a blog too.

Sociable Scholarship: the use of social media in disseminating and collaborating in the 21st century

Social media have broken down the distance between scholars and the larger world, enabling lay people to become active participants in the construction of knowledge, through offering ideas and data, recounting experience, and engaging critically with academic research. Academics no longer operate from the safety of ivory towers: they are able to engage with a much wider audience, in a conversation rather than a lecture, through the use of Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, discussion forums, etc. In this blog, we explore the use of social media in academic dissemination and collaboration. These Web 2.0 tools have broadened academic spaces, enabling the participation of different voices, and addressing the academy’s commitment to social justice.

Take a look and tell us what you think!

We’ll be adding to the blog in the next few days, with links to blogs and Tumblrs and other social media sites that we think exemplify sociable scholarship. Over summer we will turn it all into an academic article.


Attending the symposium itself was great fun. My university is spread out over three cities, and many of my colleagues are people I know only through e-mail and telephone and sometimes video link. It was great fun to meet some of them, especially the woman with fabulous shoes who reads this blog, and comments at another site I frequent. How lovely to find that we are colleagues.

And it is a privilege to work with Cat.


One comment on “Sociable scholarship

  1. Cat Pause also makes a radio show that you can hear on demand at, if you’re interested.

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