There’s someone for everyone

NZ Truth is due to publish its first edition under its new editor, Cameron Slater, tomorrow. (For my friends and readers in NZ, “Truth” is exactly the kind of newspaper you would expect with a name like that.) Being a social media type, Slater has set up a Facebook page for Truth.

And Truth NZ has a friend!

Truth’s Facebook page, with one friend. Screen capture taken at 9pm on Wednesday 7 November.

This friend.

DPF on Truth. “1 Friend likes Truth”

And really, all this shows is that just one of my friends likes Truth….

By way of disclosure, DPF is indeed my friend, on-line and in real life, and has been ever since we were students at the University of Otago together. I always enjoy seeing him, even if our political views are, well, somewhat opposed.


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