Shutting down rape culture, one election at a time

The Republican Rape Philosophers lost. (H/T Feministe)

Incumbent Roger Rivard (R), lost his Congressional seat to Steven Smith (D). Rivard was the chap who told passed on his father’s wisdom that “some girls rape easy.”

Todd Akin (R) failed to take what should have been a winnable senate seat for the Republicans. Akin was the chap who told us that if a rape was “legitimate”, then a woman could not get pregnant because her body would shut conception down.

Tea Party backed candidate Richard Mourdock couldn’t win what should have been a wide open race, giving the Democrats one more seat in the Senate. Mourdock was the chap who told us that pregnancy resulting from rape was something that God intended.

But why should we care, here in New Zealand, an ocean away from the United States?

Here’s why. We should care because the anti-women rhetoric coming from conservatives in the US travels down here swiftly. Rape culture is alive and flourishing in New Zealand, and concepts like “legitimate rape” and “can’t get pregnant from rape” and “some girls rape easy” and “God meant for you to be raped” play into it, and sustain it.

I am so very glad that voters in the United States rejected these men who endorsed rape. It’s a push back, a small step towards dismantling the narrative of hatred and contempt for women.

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2 comments on “Shutting down rape culture, one election at a time

  1. tallulahspankhead says:

    I’m gonna take a moment here to crow a little. While watching much of the election on the Twitters, I saw Ms Magazine (feminist institution) tweet. “SCREAMS at Ms. party for Claire McCaskill beating Todd Akin. Does that qualify as a legitimate election rape?” I questioned the wisdom of that comment (in language I’d not use here), and they apologised and took it down. Because making jokes about rape to counter rape comments is kind of massively missing the point.

    It’s worth remembering that it’s not just the Akins of the world who are perpetuating rape culture. We’re soaking in it.

  2. Strange where some of this stuff can appear, over at Public Address of all places under “Media 3 Whistle Blower” one of the regular commentors takes the line that what Sir Jimmy Saville did can’t be condemmed because, well you will have to read his thinking on the subject but it is bogus as far as I concerned
    This on a blog that is so liberal and left it sometimes sounds lke an echo chamber

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