Channeling Downton

I’ve not been blogging much since the middle of the year, for the very straightforward reason that I simply haven’t had time. All my time has been taken up by my paid work, and three other things I am committed to, aside from caring for my lovely daughters and my partner. This is not as it should be – my paid work is in theory, part time. We have found in the past that our household starts to fall apart when we work more than about one and a half paid jobs between us, so we very deliberately chose that I would work part time for the next few years, until our girls are a bit older. However my paid employment has taken up far more time than it ought to have in recent months. Work load issues… I have them. The issues are at present unresolved, ‘though they have been given some attention, and may well be resolved shortly. I am however, resolute in my intention to make absolutely sure that the issues do not recur next year.

In the meantime, this is the first weekend during which I have not had to work since about July this year. So I am still in bed, and I intend to remain here for quite some time yet.

Best of all, my darling daughters have brought me breakfast in bed, nicely set out on a tray.

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

And they have suggested that I keep the household bell on my bedside table, so that when I feel so inclined, I can do this…

… and ask for more coffee.

I think I shall do that right now.


3 comments on “Channeling Downton

  1. hungrymamanz says:

    We’ve just hit the 1.5 jobs mark (after a decade of me not being in paid employment) and it’s definitely the far end of what we can maintain without outside help. I’m hoping to rejig my hours next year so I can take a day for other stuff.

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