How to illustrate a story about falling sperm counts

So how should one illustrate a story about falling sperm counts?

Headless pregnant woman

Headless pregnant woman

With a headless pregnant woman, of course!

Well done, New Zealand Herald. Well done.

Tick the tropes: men’s illness = women’s problem, women as bearers of fetuses, women responsible for the human race, women reduced to a state of pregnancy, women reduced to body parts. Any more?

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3 comments on “How to illustrate a story about falling sperm counts

  1. TraceyS says:

    I’m more worried about the statistics. At this rate of decline, sometime between 2043 and 2044 all men will be below the threshold of fertility. Imagine if every pregnancy had to be medically-assisted! What will this mean for women? A whole lot more demeaning than the picture in the advertisement. So maybe that picture is an omen?!

    Why aren’t more people worried about this trend? It trumps climate change and other issues. Or I should say, it will do.

  2. TraceyS says:

    Sorry, meant to say “article” not “advertisement”. It looks like an advertisement picture.

  3. nicjs28 says:

    I will worry about that trend when our world population is down. We can’t pollute with impunity and procreate continuously without some backlash; maybe the low sperm count is nature’s way of balancing us out. Hmm, there’s proof that female animals will naturally have less babies or none at all in a high population/low food situation, has anyone studied the sperm count of males of different species and how that might be affected by the same situation?

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