My mother made a strawberry sponge cake for my 1st birthday. We have a photo of me reaching out to touch it. The next year, she made another one for my second birthday, and then every year from then on, that was my birthday cake. A sponge cake, topped with cream and strawberries. She even managed to make one for my 16th birthday, when we were camping up the Coromandel. Even now, if by chance we happen to be home at my parents’ place on my birthday, she makes a strawberry sponge cake for me. From scratch – no supermarket sponges or cake mixtures. Not that such things were readily available in Whangamomona when I was a child. Or even now, I suspect.

Yesterday, we celebrated my birthday at our own home. And my lovely Ms Fourteen made a strawberry sponge cake for me.

Strawberry sponge cake

Strawberry sponge cake

(Description: square sponge cake, sitting on a board, topped with strawberries and cream, with one candle burning bravely)

This made me very, very happy.


4 comments on “Cake!

  1. Happy birthday for yesterday, nice cake and a nice day to go with it, Star Trecky
    Honestly I thought of you when I awoke this morning as today is two of my sisters birthdays (not twins either, 6 years difference) and I know yours is close

    • Deborah says:

      Thank you, Raymond. Sisters sharing birthdays – that’s fun. I share my birthday with my brother-in-law, and my dad’s birthday is the 15th. Today!

  2. Paul Russell says:

    Strong the force is in that one, yes mmm

  3. Unmana says:

    Happy birthday, Deborah. May you always be as happy.

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