Promise and Promiscuity: Something to go to in Auckland

Penny Ashton presents…
Promise and Promiscuity: A New Musical by Jane Austen
Written by Penny Ashton and Jane Austen
Starring Penny Ashton
Workshops directed by Ben Crowder, Original Music Written and Arranged by Robbie Ellis
Featuring Beethoven, Strauss, Delibes and Greensleeves


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of a theatre script…must be in want of an audience. Charmingly accomplished Penny Ashton (Austen Found, Hot Pink Bits, Good Morning, Poetry Idol) mashes up the Regency, bonnets and big balls…with alacrity! 

Fresh from the sell-out success of Austen Found: The Undiscovered Musicals of Jane Austen, Ashton has decided to do what no Regency woman should… go out alone AND completely unchaperoned, quite frankly it’s scandalous.

Follow the fortunes of Miss Elspeth Slowtree as she battles literary snobbery, her mother’s nerves and Cousin Horatio, all armed with a superior wit, blushing countenance and generally being quite bright… you know… for a girl. Balls will be attended, crosses will be stitched and manners will be minded, all with not one ankle in sight. 

As Elizabeth Bennett herself says “Follies and nonsense, whims and inconsistencies do divert me, I own, and I laugh at them whenever I can.” 

And so should you.

Jane Austen would turn in her grave… with delight.” Rip it Up Adelaide, Austen Found
“…an engaging entertainment full of fun and frivolity.” NZ Herald, Austen Found 

“…a rollercoaster barrage of thrilling words which ooze brilliant talent and creativity.” Taranaki Daily News, Hot Pink with Penny Ashton
“…vivacious…highly entertaining…sheer charm and energy…” The Scotsman, Hot Pink

Penny Ashton is New Zealand’s own global comedienne who has been making a splash on the world stage since 2002 and she has sold out shows from Edinburgh to Adelaide to Tokoroa. She has four Best NZ Female Comedienne nominations, three Adelaide Fringe People’s Choice nominations and won best performance by an International Poet at the London Farrago Awards. Penny has represented New Zealand in The World Cup of Theatresports in Germany and Australasia in a Performance Poetry Slam Tournament Tour of the UK. In 2010 she performed by invitation at The Glastonbury Festival and reported from the Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas.

Auckland Fringe runs from 15 February to 10 March 2013. For more Auckland Fringe information go to
Promise and Promiscuity: A New Musical by Jane Austen
TAPAC, Motions Rd, Western Springs,
Feb 27th – March 3rd, 7pm and 6pm on Sunday 3rd.
Bookings: 09 845 0295, Prices: $25/$20,
For more information contact:
Penny Ashton

Penny Ashton is especially excited to be presenting the show one month after the 200th anniversary of the publishing of Pride and Prejudice on January 28th, 1813.


Deb’s note: Penny Ashton happened by one of my posts on Jane Austen, and left a comment about this show she’s producing, and with her permission, I’ve turned the comment into this post.


2 comments on “Promise and Promiscuity: Something to go to in Auckland

  1. Mindy says:

    That looks fantastic. Wish I was in Auckland.

  2. penash says:

    PS, you will never believe this BUT I just discovered that my Great Grandmother’s, great grandfather’s brother, was none other than Thomas Langlois LeFroy. ie James McAvoy in Becoming Jane. I am more than a little astounded by this. He is my 5th Great Uncle.

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