I’ve started a new blog

I’ve started a new blog, which I intend to run alongside this blog. This blog will continue to be feminism, baking, gardening, reading, stuff…. and the new blog is more political. It’s called Telling it Left, and it will have political and feminist posts. So there will be some crossover between the two.

Pop on over and take a look. I’ve got some posts up there, and I’ll be putting another one up later on today.

Telling it Left


One comment on “I’ve started a new blog

  1. Daleaway says:

    I like your new blog.

    It is good to see you, now back in New Zealand, being able to engage with thinking about your own country’s direction once more. Of course, many New Zealanders flee to Australia just so that they will be absolved of the need to worry about how things are run. That is the one great joy of living under someone else’s dominion – making things work properly and fairly is not one’s responsibility.

    Strength to your arm, and to your grey matter. We need all the good thinkers we can muster!

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