Which people would that be?

After insulting women, academics, people who are fat, “the sisterhood”, anyone he doesn’t agree with, it seems, John Tamihere goes on to say:

[John] Tamihere reckons it’s not what he says, but how he says it that gets him into trouble. He reckons people know he’s saying the right thing, “but they might be far more genteel or academic [how they say it]. I’m not”.

Source: NZ Herald – Tamihere wants to return to politics

It’s telling, saying that “people know he’s saying the right thing.” It suggests that for him, people don’t include women, or people who are fat, or feminists, because after all, “people” know that he is right.

Yes, he’s engaging in hyperbole – he does after all, compare John Key to Mussolini, and even I can see that’s completely unreasonable. And yes, maybe it’s just his style. But I think a style that includes gratuitous insulting of women, and fat people, and yes, even academics, is something we can do without.

I would be very disappointed to see someone like this being supported for political office.

Earlier post about John Tamihere: Hating on teh wiminz and teh gayz


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