The big dry

The big dry has come to town.

Dried up stream

Dried up stream

This is the stream near our house. I took the photo this morning, just as the rain started to fall for the first time in about six weeks, as far as I can recall, except for 0.8mm that fell on the 5th of March. There is no water in the stream, and the mud in the bottom is starting to dry up.

It is an extraordinary sight. This is a city stream, barely given permission to exist, and for the most part hidden under culverts. But this little park near our house is usually green and pleasant, and there is always water in the creek. Until now.

We’ve had a few drops of rain this morning, enough to wet the brick paths and gardens, but not enough to soak in under the trees. It looks as though we will have patchy showers all day, and some proper rain tomorrow. That would be good.


4 comments on “The big dry

  1. Mindy says:

    How long since NZ has had a drought? I remember you guys were fine last time we had a big one here.

  2. Gae says:

    Send ‘er down, Hughie !! Best wishes for steady soaking rain – then you are allowed to grumble about drying the laundry ;-} !!

  3. tracy says:

    When I lived in Auckland, we had a drought. Which we really couldn’t understand, because to our Australian brains it seemed to be raining a lot. I hope you get some rain soon. I don’t like the thought of Aotearoa without rain.

  4. Tamara says:

    A good downpour in AK yesteday, what a relief!

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