How bankers save money

I never knew that you could save so much money through such simple measures.

Twenty money-saving tips from bankers and their wives

So many helpful hints. Like, take the kids to a cheaper ski resort this year, or sell your country home. Or (and this one is very revealing)…

“Stop carrying a wedge of cash around with you,” said the ex-Goldman banker. “It reduces the temptation to tip people so much.”

But I think that this one was my favourite one – Make Your Wife Do The Ironing!

Another banker, who used to work at Goldman Sachs and now runs his own business, said he gets his wife to iron his shirts nowadays. “At Goldman there was a service in the basement where I dropped my shirts off for a fee, but now I ask Jane to do it for me,” he said.

“The wife is doing the ironing,” another banker told us. “She’s not loving it, but she doesn’t want to get a job herself so is having to accept it.”

Alas, I don’t have a wife to do the ironing for me.

H/T: Pharyngula


6 comments on “How bankers save money

  1. Mindy says:

    I will have to talk to my husband about this. We both have a fair bit of ironing, it might be worth looking into getting a wife for us. Especially if she cooks too. 🙂

  2. Tamara says:

    We all totally need a wife.

  3. Bill says:

    Egads! Sell the second home? Fly coach?
    What privation these suffering bankers are having to endure. How sad.

  4. Gae says:

    I do NOT iron, it is against my religion. But I do have an iron, mainly for pressing seams when sewing. It is my third iron in 47 years of marriage. If anyone would like to borrow it…………………………

  5. M-H says:

    This is jaw-droppingly. mind-bogglingly stupid. How can they even…

  6. […] Twenty money-saving tips from bankers and their wives  (for which I tip a hat to A Bee of a Certain Age) and the comments which it […]

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