Talking about rape culture

I was on Radio New Zealand Nights last night, talking about rape culture. I found it very, very challenging. It’s a topic that’s easy to talk about with my fabulous feminist friends, because we start from a base of knowledge and analysis about rape and rape culture. Bryan Crump, who hosts Radio NZ Nights, had done some background reading for the talk, but I was intensely aware that our audience had probably not heard much about rape culture at all, or preferred not to think about rape, or even found it offensive. And of course, some people would be have experienced rape or sexual assault themselves, so hearing a discussion about it could be difficult for them.

You can listen to the recording here: RNZ Nights – Discussion of rape culture – MP3 – 16’34”

If the link won’t work for you, you can download podcasts direct from the Radio NZ site: RNZ Nights – Audio from Monday 8 April.

I’m very grateful to the wonderful women who have discussed rape culture, particularly Melissa McEwan, TallulahSpankhead, Emma, Coley Tangerina, tigtog and the Hoydens, Luddite Journo, anjum rahman and of course, Julie Fairey. NB: all these links go to posts about rape and rape culture.

And off-line, my dear friends Jackie Clark, and Cat Pausé.


2 comments on “Talking about rape culture

  1. Jono says:

    I finally got around to listening to this and I think you did a really good job of communicating the problem. I was particularly impressed by your refusal to condemn pornography – a common tactic in feminist initiatives against sexual violence. I also agree with you about the value of education.

  2. […] Deborah Russell talked rape culture on National Radio.  Be prepared for slight eye-rolling at Bryan Crump’s “but no guy *I* know would do that!!!” defensiveness towards the end. […]

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