Today in rape culture

There was a horrific rape in Hamilton. The two men have been sentenced to 16 and 15 years in jail. They seem to be completely unremorseful. They tried to claim that it was consensual sex, but given that they first abducted the girl that they assaulted, it seems a completely unrealistic claim. Fortunately, the jury wasn’t convinced at all.

The details of the crime are horrid – all reported in the paper.

And courtesy of Stuff, there’s a massive serving of victim blaming at the end of the article.


Travel in pairs

Make sure people know where you are, and when they are next likely to hear from you

Be aware of your environment

Do not travel with strangers

Here’s a screen grab of the helpful hints.

And here’s a link to the article, for the record. Don’t don’t don’t read the article – it’s full of details about the crime. Rapist pair show no remorse

I find this astounding, that at the end of an article describing the brutal treatment of a young woman, a news site could include these “safety” tips, implying that somehow, it was the young woman’s fault that she was raped. This is rape culture in action – blaming the victim, and making it very clear that if only she had done something different, none of this would have happened.

I don’t have access to a physical copy of the Waikato Times, where the story was originally published. To the credit of the Waikato Times, the helpful hints don’t appear on their website. They’re only on the aggregated Stuff website.


One comment on “Today in rape culture

  1. Louise says:

    And these ‘tips’ would have been of no help whatsoever in this situation, given she was with a friend and they were aware of the environment and did their best to get out of it. There are bad people out there and they were determined to do these girls harm.

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