Talking about pink

I was on Radio NZ Nights on Monday night, talking about the pinkification of women.

Click here for the audio: RNZ Nights – the pinkification of women – MP3 – 15’37”

I drew on this article for some of the discussion: When did girls start wearing pink?, by Jeanne Maglaty

You can find a story about the “Bic for her” pens here: Bic pens ‘for her’ get hilariously snarky Amazon reviews. The advertisement for the pens, and all the reviews, are on the Amazon site: BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen, 1.0mm, Black, 16ct (MSLP16-Blk)

As I said on the radio, this is my favourite review of the pens.

I want to make sure other girls don’t fall for the misleading marketing like I did. If you use this pen, you STILL NEED TO HAVE A MAN CHECK YOUR WORK!

It was quite a light topic, which I needed after talking about rape culture a few weeks ago. I found that very draining.

Many thanks to the people who have contacted me after the broadcasts, by e-mail or by post or by phone. I appreciate the feedback, and the continuing discussion of the ideas.


2 comments on “Talking about pink

  1. violet says:

    really enjoyed the article on the feminine pens. I’m not sure that we need to worry about pink. Seems to me that little girls all get into pink and then go off it just as suddenly. Mine did.

  2. Recently retired from working in a playschool , I’m revelling in the absence of bubble-gum pink every day . And I’m not missing Hello Kitty either !

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